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Armaggeddon Alien IV G9X Review

Hey guys, I know its been a while since I posted anything up, but I've decided to return to this blog; and like a Phoenix rising from its ashes :D This is the first post back:

Armaggeddon Alien IV G9X Product review

 This mouse was bought for me from my friend this year on during April. It was bought in a electronics store in Singapore for about $100 (Singaporean). 


Although not many in quantity, Armaggeddon gaming sure makes up for it by the quality of their product. There are many small companies like Armaggeddon (examples being: Dragwar, E-Blue...etc.) brands that cannot compete to Razer or Logitech in price, but possibly in quality. I have been a first hand user of both a Razer product and smaller branded products (Dragwar, E-Blue...blah blah blah.) and have been lucky enough to recognize the major differences in these products:


Razer, along with Logitech and ROCAT...are all top-of-the-end gaming brands that are well known around the world. Their products range from keyboards and mouses, to headphones and speakers. The quality of their products are definitely good...however is it worth the price?

We all know that companies like this have been using A LOT of money for many years, advertising and getting their product to be known. Investing in things like giant billboards, to being sponsors for (my personal favorite) E-Sports teams like Cloud 9. AND WE CAN THEREFORE expect their products to be a little more expensive.

Then comes along smaller brands that you probably never heard of. This is because they don't spend much or ANY money at all advertising. Thus making their products; in theory, cheaper.

Rocat, a popular gaming brand.


Honestly, these products are like...high frequency radio waves??? The higher the quality, the harder it is to classify and differentiate them. After first hand experiences with different mouse companies, besides the shape and size of the mouse I was using, it wasn't that different. (And I'm not talking about first days only, I'm talking about days and weeks of usage.)

<Insert IMAGE E-Blue Cobra-S IMAGE>

Of course each mouse has its own specialty. Each mouse model is unique, ranging from the $100+ Wireless Razer Naga, with color changing compatibility, macros and dpi changes, to the $20 E-Blue Cobra-S, with one color and 3 different DPI settings. After that, it doesn't come down to the brand, but now, it comes down to the model.

The Armaggeddon Alien IV G9X

The main topic of this post.


-6 DPI/CPI slots (sensitivity)

Pretty Self-explanatory...values can be changed in Mouse Driver Program

-a DPI/CPI button (sensitivity)

-2 Back and front pedals on the left side of the mouse

These pedals are extremely comfortable and make a pleasing *click* when clicked :) They are easy accessed by the groove in the left side of the mouse in which your thumb is located.

-a Ring Finger rest/button on the right side

This button is next to the Right-Click button, and acts as a Ring Finger rest or a Button. It is programmable in the Mouse Driver Program to work as a Double-click, or anything you like. It takes a while to get used to, but when you are, it is a very nice new function to have.

-7 level weight management system

The mouse comes with 7 x 2g small weights, that can be placed in a compartment within the mouse to customize to your needs.

-Pulsing LED light (color depends on model)

You can choose the pulsing rate and the intensity of the light in the Mouse Driver Program.

 Includes: Mouse, Extra Teflon Feet, Mouse Driver (downloadable) CD.


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Monday, 30 December 2013

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has recently launched a brand new product under the name of the: Nintendo 2DS. After the Nintendo DS era, where Nintendo rapidly launched a series of different DSs, starting with the 3DS, then the 3DS L, 3DS XL, and then the 3DS XXL. Customers got bored of this product, as it was constantly updating itself, and this has caused some serious damge to the Nintendo name. But now they release a new product, hoping it will rise and give them hope.

Personally, I think this product will fail. It will fail. All the current competitors out there now, Xbox or Playstation. As well as that brand new portable products too: Gamestick, OUYA, iPads, phones or iPods. However it may thrive in the handheld consoles.

According to research, the hardware used on the 3DS will be very similar to that of the 2DS, and as well as that, the 2DS will be able to run 3DS games, as well as DS lite games!

A major con of this model is that the screen is not protected like the other models. Therefore Nintendo will give you a super durable case, that will solve this issue. The 2DS will be released on October 12th 2013, and will be at the price of $126, which is nearly $50 difference from the 3DS.

I will not support this product, however, some people might like the fact that it has a new unique design, and that it is almost like a little iPad :D

League of Legends

League of Legends

Defenitely a game you ALL SHOULD TRY!

It covers many different types and is well-known world wide. RPG, MMO, RTS....etc.

Creator: Riot Games


There are always TWO teams in each match. The  teams are usually located oposite each other on the map. The main objective is to push towards their side of the match, and destroy their Nexus. This will stop them spawning minions and win the game. 

However, before able to reach the Nexus, you will have to past many obstacles. Besides the enemy players (known as Champions) you will have to knock down ALL the turrets and the Inhibitor. Minions play a vital role in the game, without them, the turrets will target YOU, making it impossible to destroy a turret. 


-Minions ---little minions that spawn and go into each lane, helping you push the lane.

-Inhibitor ---a building structure that when destroyed, will make your minions more powerful.

-Super minions ---the stronger minions, come after the inhibitor is destroyed.

-Champions ---the playable characters.

-Nexus ---the target, this structure spawns the minions.

-Turrets ---these are obstacles that will shoot and deal large amounts of damage. However if you stay behind your minions, they will aim at them instead.


Name: Summoners Rift
Lanes: 3
Turrets per lane: Each lane has 6 (3 friendly 3 enemy.) not including the two Nexus Turrets.

Name: Twisted Treeline
Lanes: 2
Turrets per lane: 3 (Not including the 1 Nexus Turret)

Name: Crystal Scar
Lanes: ....lol
Turrets per lane: No turrets

This map is featured for only dominion:

Different roles within a team:
Attack Damage (AD) Carry - Carry the teams kills with AD output
Ability Power (AP) Carry - Carry the teams kills with AP output
Tank/Support - Takes damage for teammates/Supports players (heal)
Jungler - Goes in the jungle and gets the minions located in the camps
Bruiser - played top lane ; quite tanky, yet AD based.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Beats Studio 2012 Model Customer review

Okay, so I got a pair of these awesome headphones in 2012. Now It is 2013, I have thought, and thought have I done right? Buying theses? Here are some reasons I think:

-Perfect Bass...just perfect....good for music listening and editing. However it may make the music sound deeper than made, and this can be an issue.
-Cool looking B-)
-Comfortable of ears

-The weight. It is too heavy, I wore it for 2 hours once, and I had a neck injury after that :P
-No air circulation. This is a con of the comfortable fully-over ear covers.
-Requires 2AA batteries...but totally worth it, and lastes for a VERY long time.
-They should make a Matte Surface as the only available one is glossy and scratches and dirt get noticed easily.

Any more comments?

Leave 'em down below:


Monday, 9 September 2013



I am writing this, as an honest reviewer, in no way an advertiser. I have recently moved to Thailand, and...as an international citizen, I am always looking for: Online stores, customer friendly, legal stuff...etc etc. And have recently stumbled upon this website:

It's URL is: lazada.co.th

I decided to post about this website, because, I used to not be able to find a trusty good online service, where they AGREE TO PAY AT YOUR HOUSE. I think this is a very good point, as some of us wishing to order, may not have PayPal or a credit card. As well as that, although the whole website is in Thai, when you use google to translate it, it is very effective and works perfectly.
As well as that, if you are at work most of the time, and would like to use an online method of payment, it is also available.

Shipping is also "free", however I live in Bangkok, and it will cost depending on area. Mines costed about 70 THB.

I, and international citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand. Strongly suggest users to use this service. It can also be used by locals and Thai people looking for products delivered to their houses.

This website also attracts a lot of users, as there are MANY, (when I say many, I mean MANY) different offers ranging from prices, to products...

Leave a comment on what you think about this website.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Google Glasses

According to the information given, on the official webpage, the google glasses will be a revolutionary product. It uses a Field Sequential Color LCOS to project the image onto the glass to project the rendered image onto the lens, and then into our retina. It was first announced by Karl Guttag in March 2013. It is technically a glass frame (therefore you can add your own glasses onto the frame) with a small sort of LCD on the top right, that will project an image for you, and only you, to see.

It can be able to:
-Take pictures hands free
-Share what you take Live
  (About this: I think you will require a wifi connection, so you might need to use 3G by connecting to your smart phone :(
-Maps and locations
-Facial recognition
-You can ask it questions
-You can speak to send a message....

As you can see, so far this device, will be one of a kind, the newest to ever be made. We have dreamed of products like this many years ago. But because of all this new technology, will its price go rocketing above others?

Here are some of its specs:

-5MegaPixel camera
-720p video recording

The audio is surprisingly cool, the sound is transmitted by vibration through a bone in the back of your ear, so only you will hear it, no one else. Its called the Bone Conduction Transducer (CBT).

-16GB Flash total (along with cloud storage)
-Compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) or higher to run the MyGlass companion app.
-Bluetooth and wifi-connectivity
-So far NOT AVAILABLE FOR IOS Devices. (ie Iphone/Ipod).
-Enables GPS and SMS.

Possible Cons:
-It could be bad for your health as you shall wear it on for long periods, near your brain, whilst it is sending and receiving wireless data.
-It could be very expensive, using all this new technology
-Dangerous as your personal information may be "leaked", making you vulnerable to hackers.
-Government involvement, may also afflict your personal space.

It is estimated to be available for the public, next year (2014) around August-November. (Besides beta testers and prototypes which will need application to order.)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Free Xbox stuff

I figured a list for all you people who are looking for free stuff on xbox. 

(Besides xbox live rewards, and games with gold of course. Click on image to go to marketplace)

Halo Picture pack

Halo Xbox 360 Theme

Batman Arkham Asylum Theme

Honour the code Picture pack
(Gamerpics-available in USA only)

Call of Duty Elite App

Doritos Crash Course

Doritos Crash Course 2

Happy Wars